Michael Graham moved to Japan in 2000 and started to learn the shamisen, originally studying the 'Nagauta' style, (the long songs, popular in kabuki plays).


Later he began to learn the 'Minyo' (folk song) music of shamisen and also took up another traditional instrument, the koto.


Returning to the UK in 2009 Michael continued to practice, perform, teach and compose on both instruments.


A CD of original compositions for koto, called 'Kisetsu' (Seasons), has been released through Catchment Recordings, which can be purchased through the shop page.


As well as solo performances, Michael also plays in the trio 'Sankakei', blending oriental music and poetry, and occasionally appears alongside Kaminari Taiko, a York based Japanese drumming group.


A link to a sampler of 'Kisetsu' can be heard below:

Latest information and performances will be posted on the 'NEWS' page.

Koto Shamisen