Sankakei is a trio featuring poets Amina Alyal and Oz Hardwick, and musician Michael Graham.


The group formed whilst playing together with Kaminari taiko, a York based Japanese drumming group, in a show called 'Tanko and Taiko', which blended music and poetry in a dynamic performance centred around the thundering beats of taiko drumming.


In September 2013 the opportunity arose to play in the middle of a temporary art installation called 'The Maze', being displayed at a gallery in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Due to the central performance area being limited, a more intimate version of the Taiko and Tanka show was required. Amina, Oz and Michael set about re-working the material without drums, in order to create 'On an Eastern breeze', a piece designed to suit the art project's concert space.


The trio perform under the name 'Sankakei', which is a slight contraction of the Japanese word 'sankakukei' which means 'triangle', reflecting the fact that the group is made up of three members.


'On an Eastern breeze' has now been released on CD. Click the link below to see and hear a sampler of excerpts from the CD which is available from the shop page.

















Latest information and performaces will appear on the 'News' page.